Barcodescan in Healthcare

Powered by proprietary technology, Barcodescan 2D scanners enable healthcare/ hospital applications such as price check on QR code items or ID check on prescriptions. They can also be used to review drug information, medical history, and many other types of data.


Antimicrobial protection series by Barcodescan are also available. Made with germ fighting material developed by scientists after years of research, the effects are both long lasting and practical in preventing microorganism growth.When cleanliness and accuracy are top priority for your facilities, use the right equipment from Barcodescan to protect the safety and well-being of your employee.


Barcodescan provides purpose-built products for healthcare industry, empowers caregivers with full visibility, from admission to discharge, from medication management to surgical equipment traceability, from patient information synchronization to field rescue operations, etc.

Patient Admission & Identification

Medication Administration

Specimen Collection

Blood Verification & Blood Center Administration