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Hongkong Barcodescan Electronics Co., Ltd.


Hongkong Barcodescan Electronics Co., Ltd. continuously increases our importance in the barcode and electronic products market by offering appropriate prices and sufficient services. We have been always worked hard to earn a reputation for being a dedicated, reliable, and customer-oriented company. We are dedicated in providing total business solutions to meet the demands and challenges of today's competitive market. Our goal is to build growing relationships with our customers as business partners, and we appreciate the opportunity to address your needs to save your company's time and money. We also provide innovative solutions with vital data and information in making critical decisions and improve efficiency making operations profitable!

Our company was founded in Longgang District, Shenzhen on May 8, 2004

We have came a long way in establishing ourselves as one of the trusted and leading and experienced supplier of barcode products including barcode scanners , barcode printers ,POS and RFID products, etc. We provide quality barcode products and professional services of barcode system.

Quality barcode products and professional services of barcode system

Over the past 19 years, we are always an authorized distributor of Honeywell barcode scanners, , Zebra barcode scanners and label printers, TSC barcode printers, Zebex barcode scanner, Argox barcode scanners, TOSHI BA printers, Cipherlab portable data collection terminals, Newland barcode scanner, etc.
Barcode Product Warehouse

Our company's barcode product warehouse has 2,000 square meters, all year round and full stock of hot-selling barcode scanners, label printers, mobile data handheld terminals, POS and various types of label ribbons

A self-adhesive barcode label factory integrating design, production

International standard barcode labels, fragile paper labels, warehouse labels, computer hole labels, warning labels, PVC control panels, shopping mall price labels, price paper labels, blank printing stickers, product labels, serial number labels, supermarket labels, Logistics labels, barcode labels, food labels, medical labels, power cable labels, industrial, electronic labels, clothing tags, electronic supervision code labels, inventory management labels, article and stationery labels, raw material labels, processed product labels, finished product labels, spacer adhesive labels, laser anti-counterfeiting labels, special labels with high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance.

Branch business and services 

Our company headquarter is located in Shenzhen. The North China branch is located in Beijing and is responsible for the sales and service of the North China region; the East China branch is located in Shanghai and is responsible for the sales and service of the East China region; the western branch is located in Chengdu and is responsible for the sales and service of the western region; the overseas branch is located in Hong Kong and is responsible for Overseas sales and service.


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